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About Me And Mindfulness

Sometimes counselling is not what is needed and a different approach to well being and mental health can be more helpful. In recognising this holistic need in myself and my clients I choose to deliver mindfulness services for individuals and groups as well as counselling.

As a mindfulness teacher, I practice what I preach and keep a daily practice as best as I can. Following my training and accreditation by Breathworks I now deliver 8 week mindfulness programmes to adult groups and individuals.

I also trained with specialised Kids and Youth mindfulness and calm kids programmes to deliver mindfulness in schools. Equipping our children with these strategies early on in their lives, not only supports them to take control of their wellbeing sooner, so it becomes second nature, but can also create a calmer classroom learning experience.

In recognising that schools can be pressed for time and resources, I also deliver bespoke mindfulness education to children and young people in primary schools, offering group workshops adapted to suit each schools needs.

Why Choose To Practice Mindfulness

Stress, it's one of those words that gets used a lot, it's meaning depicts the feeling of being under pressure. Everyone has a level of pressure to contend with in life, no matter if it's pressure to meet mounting dealines at work, dealing with family problems, personal issues, chronic pain, illness or loss.

All of life's events bring pressure in some form or another. Stress can be useful, it drives us to get on with life and we are resilient. Sometimes though, we may react to pressure differently and stress can become an unhealthy problem affecting our relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Perhaps our usual coping strategies aren't helpful any more, so we don't cope and our resilience falters.

Mindfulness can help and support you to respond rather than react during stressful times and therefore offers not just a way of coping but of boosting your longterm resilience.

Afterall happiness is a skill that can be learned. This is what the ancient practice of mindfulness teaches, and what modern psychology research has shown. The wonderful thing is that this skill, once learned, can stay with you for a lifetime.

If you want to explore mindfulness for itself, or feel you want support to approach life from a different perspective, check out the mindfulness courses on offer for health and everyday living.

Courses and Workshops

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A four session Mindfulness for everyday living/stress course starting on Sat 21st Mar 2020.
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Adult sessions, Saturdays 2:00pm - 3:30pm, 22nd Feb, 21st Mar & 25th Apr 2020
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Parent & child sessions, Saturdays 2:00pm - 3:30pm, 29th Feb, 28th Mar & 9th May 2020
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